2020 - Big - Hunter Dickinson (Commit)

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Was Beilein there for the first half of this game? Me and my buddy were watching and there was a doppelganger behind one of the baskets, if it wasn’t JB. Dickinson seemed like only player on the court that we’ve been linked to at all.

6’11" or 7’1"? Teske part 2?

Apparently he put it to #1 overall James Wiseman pretty good.

Not to get to off topic but I have been watching wiseman and just don’t see it all. Good size and athlete with some skill but very little perimeter skills. I have serious questions about the value of a player like him in todays basketball. He could be a nice rotation piece in the nba but nice nba rotation pieces generally aren’t number 1 ranked prospects. Guess it speaks to how weak the 2019 class is. Personally I would have Cole Anthony as the clear number 1.

You are absolutely right. He has no business being #1 imo.

Big Dickinson Energy


You don’t need perimeter skill at center to be a very good nba player.

You either need that or be a rim defender or switching savant. I don’t think he’s any of those.


No but if you don’t you better be an elite defender and rebounder(Gobert & Jordan). Wiseman is not an elite rim protector and isn’t a good rebounder either.

What is Wiseman good at then?

Being a wise man


Username checks out then?

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Hope we have a chance with this kid. Moves very fluidly for a young guy that size. I think we will see his game expand the next couple years. Has a nice-looking outside shot. Seems like he knows where to be on the court. Here’s another vid.

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The NBA BIG man is changing…

This is not new

Oh…thanks for your insight!


Is there any state of Indiana or Michigan connection here? Who are other schools involved in his recruitment?