2018 - Wing - Justin Ahrens (OSU Commit)


This could get very interesting. If he makes all his visits, he’s going to finish his officials at the same time as Locke, and less than a week before Kennedy is scheduled to come up. I’m relatively indifferent between the three (and I’ll add Kopp, Heliburton and Washington for that matter), but the process could/will be fascinating.


Do you think they take one from that group and it’s the first to commit or provided it’s the right combination, could they take two? I definitely want to see them land Iggy but looks like he may end up as a spring signee. If that’s the case, then he might be harder to land as more big time schools could get involved in the spring as they have spots to fill due to guys leaving early.


Even more interesting. Barrett is visting 9/29-10/1. His last visit.



Going off this, with a bit more info

Four-star Justin Ahrens will host Xavier for an in-home visit tomorrow. Ohio State will be in on Thursday, Michigan this week as well.

— Jeff Borzello (@jeffborzello) September 11, 2017




That’s fine by me


Sounds like JB deleted Ahrens’ number off of his phone


Locke and/or Castleton and/or RJ or bust. Playing with house money at this point after Iggy committed.