2018 Recruiting Notes


I think it’s a combination of things. Football is played on fall, Saturday afternoons. Travel is easy, no snow or ice to worry about, typically no late night trips home. And for most no work conflicts to work around. Basketball is entirely different when it comes to putting non-students in the seats. Weekday games, late night travel, winter weather and little time for pre or post game gatherings and surrounding atmosphere.


Weather is a problem. I like to attend games in November, when the weather is usually better. I hate ordering tickets in the winter when there could be a snow storm on game night.


Duke football being a traditional non power, non sec team may play a role. But I’ve never been to chapel hill for a fall Saturday.


LIving in Durham, there is a larger football contingency than you would think for Duke football. Cutcliff has some energy for the program. That said, having attended UNC, Duke and NC St football games pale in comparison in intensity to the numerous B10 games that I have been to.

All things equal, football at Duke is approximately equal to basketball at Michigan. And also flipping the sports


UNC is pretty much an exact replica of Michigan’s fandoms with the sports switched (Probably more so than Duke, as I went to the game in Durham last season that we lost and half the stadium was UNC fans. They really don’t care about football). The parallels that I’ve noticed are very interesting. Even the stadium sizes are proportionate, with Michigan Stadium being 1.7x bigger than Kenan and the Dean Dome being 1.7x bigger than Crisler. Football attendance is also the same amount of sporadic as Michigan basketball, and important games generally sell out and have nice atmospheres.

Back on topic to the Michigan basketball deal, I’ve pretty much accepted that as a fan base we’re simply never going to have the consistency that I and many others here might like.



I’ve watched him and coached against him a few times.

College ready body
Rebounds the ball a ton - a lot out of his area
Can really handle the ball for a big but isn’t a break you down kind of player
Has good post moves and is quick around the basket
Has good perimeter skills but…(more on that)

Wants to be a 3 but is clearly a 4/5
Settles for too much on the perimeter

When you see him physically you are expecting a lot. Is definitely a high major big. Don’t know what position he will play but he’s definitely more of a 4/5 rather than a 3/4. His dad played football at Minnesota and his brother was supposed to walk-on there to play football but I don’t think he did. Iowa State is perceived to be the leader here locally. I’m not sure why Minnesota isn’t all over him (they may be but aren’t getting good vibes).

I scouted a team they played against this past season and he had Wisconsin, Nebraska, Northwestern, and someone else there watching him play (other team was now 6 time defending state champ DeLaSalle).







Naz Carter Over number one rated Bagley


Simi Hittunarticle, says we are really interested and wants him to com in and fill DJ’s shoes.

Also another name to keep an eye out for is CJ Fredrick, 6-4 wing who is known as a shooter. Said many times but really hope a target or two emerges who is know for taking the ball to the rim.

With another offer out tonight will make for an interesting June/July, see how the staff juggles potentially commitments from lower ranked and waiting out for higher ranked guys.



Game Brown visiting Monday. Wonder if he gets an offer. If he does, we may have a second piece to the class.



We know DeJulius likes him (didn’t he say something about it being a guaranteed commit if he was offered?). He seems like a natural 3 who could play the opposite side on offense as a lefty. All that being said, that footage tells us nothing about his handle or defensive skills. But I love the shooting stroke and the way he attacks the rim in the fast break. Anyone else seen him live?


Kind of strange he seems to prefer one hand dunks with his right hand. That’s the first thing I would ask him about.
Does have a nice shot that he gets off with ease. I can see what Coach Beilein likes.