2018 - Grad Transfer - Matt Mooney


Well this certainly opens the speculation floodgates. My initial thought is there is little chance Mooney ends up at M but I’ve been wrong many time before.

If M were to add a grad transfer the 2 would be an obvious choice, though if this were to happen, it wouldn’t surprise if Mooney ended up in the same predicament as Simmons.


Presuming Moe and one more of Ibi, Brooks, Davis is gone, I would rather add a big. Those are tougher to come by than wings and 2 guards so it’s not like I’m waiting for that to happen… but if Ibi and Brooks are both about to leave then yes absolutely adding a shooting guard makes sense. If only one of them is gone + Moe, I think the backup guard depth is fine.

PG: Simpson (30)
SG: Poole (30)
SF: Matthews (30)
PF: Livers (25)
C: Teske (25)

That leaves 35 minutes at the backup 2-4 spots to split between Iggy and Johns, if you could slide Matthews down to the 2 or play Iggy there somehow. I really envision them being good enough to need those minutes.

Then you still have Dejulius at the PG backup. One of Brooks or Ibi or Nunez for any scrap 2 guard minutes. Davis/Castleton at the 5.

But if JB plans on Livers/Johns both getting real run at the 5 spot then I guess I could see a need with Mooney. I’m not a believer that that’s going to happen though and I like both of their games as wings a lot more. If we’re seriously looking into this, my gut feeling is that both Watson and Brooks are on the way out.


Btw, the edge of the internet has a guy saying that Ibi will be transferring citing a source. Makes perfect sense considering his eligibility and Beilein already looking at grad transfers.




Davis has stated that he is staying. That should not be a surprise.


Not surprised Ibi would leave with the guys we have back and and coming in. Could have a good career still elsewhere but I’m not sure he’s breaking through what’s in front of him. If we’re recruiting Mooney that feels like a sign that Moe is for sure leaving. For what it’s worth without knowing a lot about Mooney other than what’s been posted here he fits a position of need more than Ibi does and he would open up a 2019 scholarship as well which we could use.


The bright side is that the report said that we were “tentatively meeting” with Mooney next week. Which might mean that meeting is dependent on Mo’s decision


Is it possible that Brooks is the one on his way out? There’s a good chance he could be stuck as the 3rd point guard for the next 2 years.


So without naming transfer names it stacks up like

Current player with remaining eligibility not going NBA route will transfer for pt which resolves scholarship crunch for 2018 recruits

Mo and/or Charles thinking about NBA so why not throw your hat in the mix tentatively with 2018 transfer IN CASE something pops up.

JB just covering his bases. Why not reach out to Mooney with a IFTT scenario. Good call coach!


Do you guys think Michigan could struggle with some grad transfers after Jaaron Simmons found himself buried on the bench?


I hope not, after reading the article on him at The Athletic I’ve been rooting hard for him.


I wonder if Coach Beilein will have second thoughts about grad transfers after Simmons struggles. Not an easy offense to pick up in one season.


So suddenly adding Mooney makes a bit more sense…


Think that’s the extent of the attrition? I guess Charles could still declare and if he performs outstandingly in some workouts, it is conceivable that he could leave — but he isn’t even a top 100 NBA prospect on ESPN.com right now.


I think adding a grad transfer guard makes a lot of sense, but I don’t know if Mooney is the right guy. I don’t have enough info about him or any other options that might be available.


Has Michigan been in contact with Joe Cremo? Don’t know if he’d want to come and be an off-the-bench guy but his stat profile is really nice, specifically his 3-point shooting.


He announced a top-5 recently I believe. Creighton, Oregon, PSU, Gonzaga and Texas.


I could be wrong, but I believe he announced his top five without having heard any interest from Michigan. He did say he was going to take his time. I truly believe that if we became seriously interested and helped him understand the role of the two guard in the Michigan offense, he would see that at Michigan he could be Joe Cremo, which is one of his goals. Now, he WOULD still have to figure out how much playing time would be available with young Mr. Jordan Poole at Michigan, but if he wants a challenge, and he wants to play in a program with exposure and the opportunity to play for championships, Michigan might be a destination to consider. And it probably doesn’t hurt that he IS from an area near Coach B’s old stomping grounds. Just my thoughts.


Ah, didn’t realize that, thanks for the info.

So let’s see…PSU and Oregon are far from locks to make the tournament (although he could put PSU over the top) and Creighton has done very little under McDermott (even when his kid was there they never made it beyond the round of 32). Texas actually could make some sense because they have a lot of athletes and need a shooter, that said I don’t understand the allure of playing for Shaka Smart. If it were me, I’d pick Gonzaga of those five and it wouldn’t be close. Few is a fantastic coach and does a great job integrating transfers.


I mentioned this in another thread. He grew up in the town I lived in as a kid and went to my college. He’d be a great beilein fit. Surprised we didn’t reach out