2017 Recruiting Notes


John Miller - I’m curious, which players of the 2017 and 2018 classes have you seen live within the past 6-9 months?


Well, even assuming as fact that there are 6 mainstream sites, that doesn’t change my opinion at all.

There is no implication of comprehensiveness in the definition of composite.


Well, that’s your opinion, if you choose to accept 247 as a composite based on 4 sites, I respect that.


We need to start an Ad Hominem Attack thread.


I choose to accept it as a composite based on the universally accepted definition of composite.


I’ve only seen 25-30 for '17. Being a nurse, ive got 3 days off so I try to catch some games I can travel to in a few hours. And for clarity, because Cain didn’t get to play in the peach jam is the reason he didn’t get any quality offers?


Well, yes, its certainly a huge factor. The great majority of HM coaches took in Peach Jam (most Nike teams) and Adidas Championships because that’s where the talent was most concentrated, and that makes sense.


Fair enough, I think it hurt a little but definitely not the sole reason.


Look JM, even you expressly admitted your initial impressions about the kid were wrong and even admitted you believe he’s top 100 worthy. Not saying its the sole reason, but the kid literally hasn’t had ANY exposure until this year. He played for the Detroit Stars in AAU up until this season and played Class C in HS for Cornerstone. For him to come in the EYBL and put up 13ppg and 5 rebs, on 50% FG and 37% from distance against that level of competition is certainly top 100 worthy based on his size, athletic ability, and skill. I know Irvin is your boy, but he was playing garbage in AAU in relation to Cain and EYBL.


Why was this topic even brought up? You knew it would just start a shit show where nobody ever comes to terms and we already know everybody’s opinion on it.


Are you talking about rankings or Cain?

Can’t speak for Cain because I didn’t bring that up. I brought up rankings to reflect the fact that 247 ‘composite’ is severely flawed and skewed based on small sample size (only 4 of 6 sites accounted for).

If we’re concerned that a topic starts a ‘shit show’ where nobody ever comes to terms, then why even have a form…because rarely, if ever, is there a consensus on any topic, especially recruiting. Its part of the fun, intelligent debate.


If you think you can’t have good discussion without personally attacking other people then I honestly don’t know what to think…


Guess I’m wondering who I ‘attacked’?


Me! And my feelings are deeply hurt :joy:


Exactly - you guys don’t know that JM and I have shared DMs and we do agree on some things. We share good natured jabs but its not personal and I don’t consider what he does an ‘attack’ and I’m sure he doesn’t either.


So much love…get a room!


If I’ve never said it, I want to lead with how much I appreciate the things you bring to the board, so I am not trying to be antagonistic. You bring information I really enjoy seeing that I don’t have the time or inclination to seek on my own.

Out of curiosity, who are a couple guys you feel you whiffed on that you wish you could do a reevaluation of?


How awful it is that Wilkes is going on an official visit to Illinois. What world are we living in? Smh


Kam Chatman, Dillon Brooks come to mind immediately. WAY off


JM - it’s the lack of love. The consistent thing I’ve heard that may be perceived as a negative in UM recruiting approach is ‘I don’t hear from UM as much’ or ‘I don’t feel like a priority’ or ‘UM doesn’t send me edits like Y school’. I’ve talked to dozens of kids that are UM targets and only ONE prefers this approach