2017 - F - Justin Smith (Target)

I am an either or guy, and wish they could take both. I think they need a true 4 though, but wouldn’t the more skilled and complete player be the better better?

Who do you guys think has more upside, Cain or Smith? More capable of being in rotation as a freshman? Might be more difficult because we don’t know who our freshman 4 is going to be.

I agree with you. Based on skillset I think Cain fits better.

I would assume that conversation is taking place currently or will be before Smith leaves for his visit.

I agree Cain might be a better fit, but there is no way I wouldn’t offer and accept Smith’s commitment if he wanted to come. They are too close in talent to wait on one if the other is ready to commit

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Exactly what I was thinking as I read that report.

To those two specific questions, I think the answer is Smith for both–higher upside because of his athleticism, and more ready to play as a freshman because his body is more developed and he has significantly more experience against higher level competition.


I actually like Cain’s upside better because his offense in my mind is better and after going to strength and conditioning and getting stronger for a couple of years he would be a better combo forward.


Scheduled visits for Justin Smith

August 14 – Michigan (Unofficial)
September 3 – Xavier (Unofficial)
September 10 – Indiana (Official)
September 17 – Villanova (Official)
September 30 – Stanford (Official)

Since he cancelled his visit, does he still have a scholarship offer. Did we actively say, sorry, with livers were not interested anymore, or did he connect the dots on his own (if he doesn’t want to compete Harbaugh wouldn’t want him). A combination? Any Intel?

Don’t think he had an offer.

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He never got an offer from us. I believe it was expected he would receive one on his visit.

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Thanks, couldn’t remember (and too lazy to look). Would be interesting if we had still been considering an offer, or we told him not to come.

The staff cancelled the visit.

Thanks, appreciate the info.

This bums me out, especially, after passing on Cain

Passed on Smith as well (his visit was canceled). Will be interesting to watch how both guys turn out on the wing compared to Livers.

I remember that we passed on him. But I was in the camp that thought taking Livers shouldn’t keep us from taking Smith or Cain


That’s a fair take obviously, just think we have to lump both guys into the same group and see how it plays out.