Duncan Robinson - this year and beyond


Another solid game for Duncan. Tied the game back up with a critical 3 at the 12:48 mark and got another basket at the 12:06 mark.

He got himself into a bit of trouble of couple times in no man’s land on a few drives, but I do like that he was trying to make something happen there.

There was that weird turnover on a tipped pass as well late in the game.

He had a tough luck miss on a rim out three and made a nice, pure pull up jumper (which as JBlair52 said), could be another element to add to this team.

I felt he was crucial in that stretch mid way through the half to help us keep the margin close and grind this game out.


Apparently he passed up open shots again. It is killer when he does this. I just don’t understand why either.


I assume it’s because he’s trying to be unselfish or is not catching it in a rhythm. Liked hearing that Walton got after him to shoot it. That’s what he brings to the table. Might have also been affected if Sparty got him with some “lower body” contact after some shots earlier in the game, but he’s got to play through that.


The only way he does not come back is if we take Greg and land Bamba.


I’ve noticed Duncan is much more hesitant to shoot off the catch right after his first miss. Generally right after he enters he’s looking to quickly get one up, and if it goes in he catches with that same mentality again and again until he misses.


I wonder what Duncan’s percentage is under defensive pressure. To me he only seems to make shots at a good percentage when he is open.


Guarded catch & shoot eFG%: 54%, unguarded eFG%: 65.6%


Wow! That was some quick response time.

Thank you.


Those numbers can still be a dit dicey at this time of year (for example only 16 shot attempts labeled ‘unguarded’ catch and shoot). They both grade out around 66th percentile per Synergy. That’s not great and a big step down from where he was last year IIRC.


‘Dylan’ is actually an AI like Siri and Alexa. Only for UM Hoops.


I was very wrong here. He was very worthy of the 5th year.

He transformed into a reliable defender and made key shots all season, including the one against Iowa that helped continue and launch this run.

Also, sent us to the Final Four with that three pointer and free throws.

Thank you so much Duncan Robinson.