Big Ten Discussion


Yeah, we need the mediocre teams to make a massive step forward because most of the top teams from this past year are going to take significant steps back.


My hot take is that Michigan will be a significantly better team next season than they were this year and it might not be close. Probably won’t result in another national title appearance but you never know. I think next year’s team is a dominant one from the start of the non-con season and the Big Ten favorite from start to finish.

I expect Simpson to take a huge jump at PG and be able to create more offense for himself off the dribble.
I think Poole will be an upgrade at SG and be an early entry possibility.
I expect Matthews to take a big jump both as a shooter and a More prolific ball screen creator.
I expect Livers to be much closer to pre-injury Livers and it’s very possible he could have an even larger breakout.

Iggy and Johns will be killers from day one. We won’t have any backup PG issues with an improved Brooks and DeJulius. As long as Poole isn’t a giant black hole, the defense should be even better in year 2 with all these guys back. My only question mark is shot creation but Poole and Iggy could be special in that area and Matthews has potential to get there as well.

I think this is a top 10 team all year without Moe returning and on the off chance he does…it’s going to be a special special year.


I would agree we’ll be better at the start of the year.

If we’re actually a better team by March, that’s really something. Could happen. But it’s asking a lot.


The deep runs take so much luck. This year we got a bunch of it. We were an insanely good team for the last 2 months (big ten tournament run was absolutely dominant after Iowa) but I’d argue the team played 1 good game in the NCAA tournament, 2 average ones and 3 bad ones. We really shot so poorly it’s remarkable they achieved what they did despite that.

I don’t think it’s hard to envision being a better team by the NCAA tournament next year, even if the run doesn’t result in a banner.