2018 - Wing - Ignas Brazdeikis (Commit)


MAAR is a huge loss for this team. While not an all American, he was extremely solid in almost every facet of the game. Solid scorer, solid shooter, solid ft shooter (way above average for this team), decent rebounder and extremely good at taking care of the ball, solid defender. Add in his experience of playing almost 150 games, nearly 120 of which were starts I think it’s clear he’s leaving a big gap. In my eyes Poole is already as talented from a scoring stand point, maybe even better, but his decision making isn’t anywhere close and neither is the defense. The biggest concern for me being his defense. A lot of people have pointed to it being mental and not thinking that’s an easy fix. I think that it is 100 percent that not the physical part, but that doesn’t make it an easy fix. From my experience defensive principles can be taught and learned but it is a highly instinctual thing. That’s my biggest concern with him.

As for Iggy I really like his ability to finish with either hand at the basket, looks very comfortable doing that. I think his shooting stroke looks like it can be solid. Defensively I see the concern, but I’m not sure if it’s as much of a matter of he can’t as it is he doesn’t seem engaged. He’s not a Charles Matthews athlete but he looks way more aggressive with the ball on offense than when he’s playing defense. I have a feeling he’ll find out quickly how important defense is and hopefully that translates into being at least a decent defender. As far as position, I don’t think the # matters on offense, they’ll find roles for him and other guys but defensively I think he needs to be able to defend the 4 and eventually the 3.


Some guys just have a knack for scoring. Sindarious Thornwell is a guy who isn’t very athletic, but was a great scorer, used his strength in doing so, and is now in the NBA.

That Cumberland dude for Cincy (who we recruited for a bit) is another. Not a great athlete at all, but he can score.


Very hopeful Iggy can produce in halfcourt sets. Desperately needed going forward.


Over the last 15-20 games, I’d agree. Before that, he disappeared a lot.

Poole isn’t nearly the defender MAAR was. But I think he’s got the potential to be a far more dynamic scorer.


Yeah, I have to agree. I love his offensive skill set, but it’s hard to see him guarding guys consistently along the perimeter. Can’t imagine he plays anything but the 4 during his first season…maybe 3 in a pinch. He just doesn’t seem to have the lateral quickness/hip flexibility to stick with quick guys on the bounce and appears to be a quintessential JB 4.


Well then, I guess JB better use that open scholarship to find a defensive wing or else Matthews is going to have to play 40 minutes a game.


Then the question is can Livers play the three both offensively and defensively as the primary back up to Matthews.


Don’t see it. JB would retire if he stops recruiting players that fits into his offensive scheme.


I have wondered that myself since he is the most athletic of the three. Obviously JB thinks one of them can or he wouldn’t have recruited three 4s and no 3s in consecutive classes.


Maybe they mix in some zone next season…lots of length!