2018 - Transfer - Dachon Burke


We prefer them long armed and around 6’3". Like some teams prefer their point guards.


That was the compare that immediately came to my mind.


I really don’t see Livers being one of the Tigers 40 or 50 draft picks but put another 25 or 30 pounds on him and we might have the next Antonio Gates!


I want the lions to add jae’sean Tate so badly.


Unrelated, but not really. I am really disappointed we didn’t shake the tree on Joe Cremo from Suny Albany. Grad transfer who graduated early. Would have been a perfect fit for us imo. Great shooter, great all around offensive game. High IQ, very skilled, below avg athlete, but not bad enough to hinder him obviously since he had three great years there.

Seemed like a perfect Beilein kid. Wondering if we did reach out and he wasn’t interested? Tons of high major interest including Duke so far… seems like a perfect fit all around.


How does he compare to Jeenathan Williams? Better or worse?


Williams has more potential but cremo did it in college , so… up in the air!


Wow, I can’t imagine bigger praise from anyone :wink: